Remote Viewer Downloads

TundraTech is pleased to provide offsite remote support services. The remote viewer is a "shared session" which allows remote control of your local computer for troubleshooting purposes.


By downloading the remote viewer you agree to temporarily grant full remote access to your local computer, it's filesystem, and any attached peripherals for the duration of the support session. THE ICON TURNS YELLOW WHILE A SESSION IS ACTIVE.

The eye shaped Remote Viewer icon located in the system tray

You may END THE SESSION at any time by right-clicking the viewer icon in your system tray and selecting "close VNC connections" from the menu.


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Creative Web Development

TundraTech's core service is web design in the Yukon.

We're big on creating original website designs that appeal to the market and are compatible with today's web browsers and search engines.

Responsive, mobile-first web design, is a the core foundation for all websites we create, along with content management and solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Take your business to the next level one uses the yellow pages anymore... if you don't have an online presence, its likely people can't find your business.

Logos, Watermarks and Branding

TundraTech can create a custom logo from scratch or work with an existing design to incorporate it into stationary, build document templates or create promotional materials.

Another service offered is the abilty to take an older graphic logo and convert it into vector art, allowing it to maintain sharpness and resolution when enlarged.

Computer Services

TundraTech offers clients a single point of contact for all-in-one IT service. We can fix almost any computer, hardware or software problem you may have. (but we love websites the most!) We want to design, then deploy the network, create your logo, build your website and make sure all your important data is secure for years to come.

One phone number.

A dedicated technician.

Cutting edge technical skills.

Efficient response time.

Premium Onsite Tech Support

You need to get back up and running. You aren't concerned with the technical details. Every minute counts.

TundraTech is the company that "gets it" when it comes to the social interactions.

Bottom line:

the technician is there to remove the stress... not add to it...we take pride in high level technical skill, combined with a friendly easy going attitude.

Our technicians are A+ certified.

Hosting Services

Tundratech offers web, E-mail, and domain hosting services and is able to handle the technical details of setting this up for you, should you wish to purchase new, or transfer an existing email or web domain.

Though not quite ready yet, In the future we will be offering direct packages online to be purchased from this site.

Oh No!, I Dont Have A Backup!

Don't Panic...... Yet 8)

While you should always have a backup for any important data, Tundratech understands mistakes happen. From portable and laptop drive data recovery to enterprise RAID and server recovery we can help rescue your data in almost any case.

An important tip:

If a server is acting up or malfunctioning, you've accidentally deleted some files, or spilled coffee on the laptop... stop using it immediately. Once a problem occurs the more you use the disk, the more likely data will be permanantly lost.


Under Construction.

TundraTech plans to offer online packages in the near future, however things aren't quite ready yet.

In the meantime you can:

Contact us via email or call (867) 336-3090


How can we help?

Small Firm. Big Focus.

Creative web development, computer services and graphic design
in Whitehorse, Yukon.

A Contractor Who Means Business.

Focusing on select clientele, ensuring premium service.

Self Government Supporter.

TundraTech understands the unique business needs of Yukon First Nations.

Have A Minute?

Set up a free consultation to see what solutions TundraTech can offer your business.

YECL Eagle Camera

TundraTech is a proud partner in the YECL Eagle Cam project. On virtually no notice and a high pressure deadline, the network, streaming service, camera control and informative website was built from scratch in only 4 days!

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dna Nye Ventures

DNV was looking for an existing site refresh incorporating First Nations traditional artwork into the design. The original content needed to remain intact while a "facelift" was provided. This is a good example of TundraTech using a client's ideas to complete the design.

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ReNEW YOU Studio & Day SPA

A "getaway spa" ReNEW You was situated in scenic Bragg Creek looking to offer nearby Calgary clientele a relaxing escape. TundraTech was contracted as the photographer for this website and instructed to use a very challenging color combination for the design...cream and magenta.

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Ta'an Kwch'n Council

The TKC project involved an internal intranet for employees and an external website. A content manager was implemented to allow self sufficiency for all website maintenance, and online Rsum and document submission.

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Exotic Exposures

Exotic Exposures was just a simple, small, online portfolio and contact information website for a calgary photographer specializing in Events and female boudoir photography.

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Remax Bragg Creek

Remax Bragg Creek was looking to update thier existing website and tie it in with MLS services, along with local area and tourist information for prospective buyers. A bright, clean, functional design.

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Tlingit Phrases

For many Yukon First Nations, traditional language speakers are dwindling in numbers. TTC was looking for ways to encourage the use of the Tlingit language in schools and daycare. Working with elders and citizens to create content, a media rich site featuring a touch UI was developed. Try it on in an iPad!

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Alaska Safetech Industries

TundraTech's First International Customer! Based out of Sitka, Alaska Safetech Industries is a specialized concrete contractor offering the unique ability to mould concrete structures without the use of traditional forms. Check out the website for the photos!

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TundraTech 2.0

The TundraTech site refresh features a mobile first, responsive design. Resize your browser window, or view the site on a mobile device to understand the advantages of responsive web design.

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