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TundraTech recognizes the unique business needs of Yukon First Nations.

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Organizations who trust TundraTech.

Our custom websites utilize a specialized engine that offers real time editing from the front end. It's so intuitive most users are up and running within minutes, creating pages and content immediately.


The Wildlife Management Advisory Council has been a catalyst for cooperative management on the Yukon North Slope. An image heavy site with tons of info.

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Selkirk First Nation

The official Selkirk First Nation government website. A theme using traditional artwork which matched the official logo colours was created. User signups, and private citizen areas were also implemented.

View >

Employment Central

Employment Central is the Yukon's #1 job finding service. Friendly staff are on hand to help you with job finding, resume and interview practice!

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YECL Eagle Camera

TundraTech is a proud partner in the YECL Eagle Cam project. With a high pressure deadline, the network, streaming service, camera control and website were built from scratch in only 4 days!

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YCC Logo Refresh

Yukon Chamber of Commerce platinum circle program. High quality vector based files were created to ensure small size and high precision.View >

Tlingit Phrases

For many Yukon First Nations, preserving traditional language is a serious problem. Working with elders and citizens to create a media rich site featuring touch UI was developed. Try it on in an iPad!

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New For 2017: The Aurora Image Editor

Hover to See The Aurora Difference:

Exposure -> Unsharp Mask -> Denoise -> Brightness -> Contrast -> Saturation

The traditional online photo workflow is cumbersome:

Adjust photo offline -> upload to site -> see how it looks -> make refinements -> shuffle and repeat

Aurora does all this in seconds, through your browser from anywhere.

The Aurora Image editor, you can't get this anywhere else!

"Wow, this is like Photoshop!"

That's usually what we hear when someone first logs in...

Our exclusive editor allows you to crop, resize, rotate, sharpen, denoise, enhance and apply many other filters right through the browser. Aurora is GPU accelerated and you can often finish edits and have them posted online before Adobe Photoshop has even opened up. The editor keeps your master images intact which can be restored at any time and the server handles the heavy lifting, generating formats for mobile devices to save space and reduce page load times. Aurora ensures high quality website photo management from the convenience of your browser, anywhere, anytime.

Crop & Resize

Save & Export

Advanced Filtering


Website Package Highlights

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We want clients to see the real world benefits of our products up front. A guided tech demo with the developer can be experienced remotely from the comfort of your office, or in person at a meeting. The session will be brief and not only fun, but enlightening.

What makes us different

  • Drag and drop layout changes!
  • Livepreview Engine. Update images, and text in real-time
  • Copy/paste/move content between pages
  • Aurora in-browser image editing, you have to try it!
  • Automatic page versioning. Restore old versions easily
  • Responsive Google maps integration with hueristic address input
  • Embeddable content from most major video providers youtube, vimeo etc. Just copy the link.
  • Included user training session to ENSURE you know how to use the product on completion.

Standard Site Packages Include

  • Mobile device ready, responsive design
  • Site-wide search
  • Responsive Photo galleries
  • Automatic SEO, every page created helps climb google
  • Site analytics. Learn where your users are from
  • 10 day rolling backups
  • User signups, groups, and permission control for web masters
  • Easy to use file manager with organizational tags
  • Phone access to the developer, not emails and delays
  • Solid state server hosting (fastest available)

Client Services

Take your business to the next level with a professional online presence.


Design Hosting Photography Data Recovery

Creative Web Development & Graphic Design

TundraTech's core service is web design in the Yukon. We love creating visually appealing designs which are compatible with modern web technologies and search engines.

Responsive, mobile-first design is the core foundation for all projects, along with content management and intelligent SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Logos, Watermarks & Branding

TundraTech can create a custom logo from scratch or work with an existing design to incorporate it into stationary, build document templates or create promotional materials.

Another service offered is the abilty to take an older graphic logo and convert it into vector art, allowing it to maintain sharpness and resolution when enlarged.

Hosting Services

Tundratech provides web, E-mail, and domain hosting services and will handle the technical details of transferring existing domains between registrars.

We maintain your renewals automatically so you never have to worry about costly email or domain downtime ever again.

DNS Management and SSL Certs

Having troubles getting an your site to appear on a certain URL? Transferring domains or changing registrars? Security certificate expired?

Recruit TundraTech to do the heavy lifting and save yourself the headaches! DNS management can become quite complex, don't risk costly errors and downtime...

Photo Sessions

A new service being offered by Tundratech in 2017, we now offer professional event coverage or promotions, product shoots, staff, group or architectural photos, as well as project progress and documentation.

Services are available to all web clients, or customers just needing photo services.

Packages Include

  • Retouching
  • Data key with Master Images
  • Hi-rez image conversion to format(s) of your choice

Travel costs to communities are extra and will vary depending on location.

Oh No, I Lost My Data!

Tundratech understands mistakes can happen. We provide services for portable media, laptops, and enterprise RAID data recovery. We can help rescue your data in almost any case.

Afterwards, we can talk about backup solutions to prevent data loss from happening in the future.

An Important Tip:

If your disk is acting up or malfunctioning, or you've accidentally deleted some files / spilled coffee on the laptop... stop using it immediately. After a problem occurs, the more you use the disk the more likely data will be permanantly lost.

Help & Support

Customer Technical Assistance

Screen Sharing

TundraTech is pleased to provide remote support services. The remote viewer is a "shared session" which allows temporary remote control of your local computer for troubleshooting purposes.

Please note, the remote access is only temporary and can be terminated at any time you wish.

How To End The Session

You may end the session at any time by right-clicking the viewer icon in your system tray and selecting "close VNC connections" from the menu.

The eye shaped Remote Viewer icon located in the system tray

Remote Viewer Downloads

By downloading the remote viewer you agree to temporarily grant full remote access to your local computer, it's filesystem, and any attached peripherals for the duration of the support session.